Little Ochie

Vendor: Little Ochie

Founded in 1989 by Evrol ‘Blackie’ Christian, Little Ochie has blossomed into one of Jamaica’s favourite eating haunts. What was formerly a one-man operation now employees well over 30 people from the local community. Don’t fret! Blackie is still very much at the helm and sure to be there to ‘spice-up’ your meal with all his secret ingredients.


 Little Ochie


For over ten years this talented team of young chefs – Spending, Canai, Coute, Butty and Dennis – have charmed diners with their exquisite creations.


What started out as every seafood lovers secret place in Alligator pond, Manchester, is now an internationally known ‘great place to eat’.


We now boast an attractive Conference facility with a great ocean view. We also boast a family fun and retreat area. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban areas and come relax in this great atmosphere of ambiance.


      $50.00 USD

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